Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Tuesday afternoon

As I do every week, I left work at 3pm and went to Seattle. The errand this week was to hit up all the pawn shops and used PC places in CapHill with the serial number of khem. I did learn enough about how the stolen properly "legal infrastructure" works in Seattle, to be convinced that if it did get sold, it was entirely privately. Apparently occasionally a "hit" happens after many months or longer, when the person who bought it then tries to sell it.

I spend some time at Seattle Laptop talking to them about it, and looking at their stock, it really hit me just how much I need a laptop. Having one is really now part of my brain. I almost bought one there, but they didn't have quite what I wanted.

The lesson at Mr Henry's went decently well. We did a number of sightreading duets, which are a pretty "vigorous" training exercise, pulling me farther along my goal toward sightreading skill. The performance piece sucked tho, worse than it had in practice.

Instead of going home, I went back to work. My boss had told me that I was seen as the "company expert" in the workings of Linux IP networking. Yow. So I took some time digging into how the product-under-development does do it's addressing and such. I kind of lost track of time. Until 3am.

I tottled off to home, and fell into bed.


I woke up once at 9am, long enough to call my trainer and tell him that today was not going to happen. Then I fell back asleep until just after noon.

LOTS of dreams. Some sexual, in strange ways. And lots of themes that I "remembered" in the context of the dream of having dreamed before.

I got to work at about 1pm. It was so bright and sunny and warm, I wished I could have stayed outside.

Chatted a bit on the phone with my sister jatg. Her roadtrip to SF was good for her.

Spent some time agonizing over replacement laptop (see previous LJ post). Chatted with coworkers, thunk, and agonized some more. I've decided to go with the "midrange", spend about as much money as I did before. I've got a bid on eBay for a IBM TP T23, that will finish at 7am.

Just a bit more to do here (mostly just sitting and watching a compile run), before I can go home and cuddle with my cats.

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