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Mark Atwood
I've answered 274 of 747 questions on OKCupid.

My number one world match is also my number one local match, a guy I've met a few times, is a good friend of some of my good friends, and think is pretty cool, but I suspect we would fight like cats and dogs if we tried to be more than just friends.

And my number two local match is my ex.
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wyckhurst From: wyckhurst Date: February 9th, 2004 12:02 am (UTC) (Link)
jezel From: jezel Date: February 9th, 2004 12:56 am (UTC) (Link)

Don't sweat it...

You can hardly be good friends with someone for 14 years and *not* be considered by a machine to be pretty compatible. There's no button for 'tried it, didn't work out". :)
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