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Mark Atwood


The current The Task That Will Not Die At Work is still being annoying. The licensing censored build that I'm been building and sending over to our partner is still not running at their site. I fear that a trip across Lake Washington is in the cards on Monday.

Gym was back, shoulders, and triceps. I'm still struggling to decide whether to buy more trainer sessions or not, so I'm really paying attention, and I do think that he's really being useful still. It makes me go, and he does a lot of stuff to correct my form and select exercises.

The whole session was supersets. Two different exercises interleaved together. And I just banged them out. Doing the shoulder press while looking straight into the mirror was fun. A year ago I had pipecleaner arms. After pumping them with some agonizing bench dips, I actually have something to see in the mirror. Anyway, I banged out all these supersets, and finished the sheet with ten minutes to spare. Tried to finish with machine pullups, but that was the moment that my body and metabolism rebelled. Only one set, and then I could barely remain upright. So we called it a day, and I spent 10 minutes in the cooler part of the locker room getting my head together and my breath back.

After work, I drove down to Burien to spend the evening with elfs and omahas. The girls were frazzling their parents (especially O), and so after dinner, Elf gathered them up, and told Omaha to go relax. So she and I went to Tubs to soak. It was very nice, very relaxing. And we had a nice talk.

I really do want to get one of those things for myself when I have a place for it. (Well, not "for myself", more "of my own", much of the joy of owning one is sharing it with friends).

After the soak, we decided to go to the `Spot. But that got squashed as soon as we got there, Friday night was the Women Only Night. Oops. Oh well. Next time.

We returned to Burien, and stayed up watching "Blazing Saddles" `til 1am.


Saturday morning, after they left for the local Democratic Caucus, I went to CapHill to hit up the local pawn shops for my lost computer. But for reasons unknown, they were closed and locked. Crud.

Caught up on my LJ, USENET, and email. My email was jammed, and I discovered that the /var partition on my colo box was full. I had installed Gnutella Web Cache on it, and while it goes to some effort to be lightweight and unobtrusive, there are so many Gnutella users in the world now that it got hit so many times by so many unique hosts that I got a runaway /var/log/httpd/access.log. So I mashed the log, and turned up the rotation time. Any Apache hackers out there know how to configure Apache to NOT log a certain URL?

I got an invite to Orkut, which is a "Friendster" sort of thing, only run by Google, which makes it as fast as lightning. If anyone on my friends list wants an invite, let me know.

J—y called, and we had a very nice hour long talk. I love it when she calls. School starts for her in September, and will last about two years. I made a lighthearted but serious offer to fly her to Seattle as a graduation present. There is much stuff she missed the first time (Dilettante's Chocolates, The `Spot, and such), plus she wants to go camping in the Olympics again.

I'm all dressed up, to go to the Merc. (This outfit needs a leather jacket to go with it.) Let's see who's there tonight...

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