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(lightly rewritten because it didnt post the first time)

Gym. Back.

Gym was back muscles. I was doing pretty well, and then after one set of cycling between low back raises and upright rows, I started getting lightheaded, and had to sit down. I had had my sugar/creatine mix a little bit too late, and had not had enough for breakfast, and so was working on a completely empty stomach. Not good. A 5 minute rest and an energy bar got me back on my feet, and I finished the the chart for the day. Go me.

Playing with Kouryou-chan

After that, instead of going back to work, I headed down to omahas's. Spent a very enjoyable several hours playing with Kouryou-chan: watching "Dora", playing "Chutes & Ladders", reading books, playing computer games, and so forth. Omaha and I were hoping to go to the art festival as soon as elfs got home. And in the end, that's what happened, just that a crisis at his work caused him to get home at 8pm instead of 6pm.

The Art Show

Still, we made it. I looked good in my outfit and she looked hot in hers. (I will get pictures, eventually, jatg.)

The show was very very good. The venue was many times larger than last year, but it was still just as crowded. HUGE line to buy tickets, glad I already had bought ours. The local "art" community and the `spot attending community got to know each other a bit better, or at least, stare at each other a bit. We saw 6 walls of art, in just one room. There were at least 3 other rooms that we missed. Omaha bumped into a good half dozen people-known-but=not-seen-recently. Also got to watch a really fun set of stage performance. There was one guy who did an amazing act with a bunch of hula-hoops, and he had muscles I've only seen in comicbooks before. They shoo'ed us out at 11pm. Awww.. This is the sort of event that really should go `till 3am.

Out Dancing.

Dropped off Omaha at her place at about midnight (she has to be up again at 5am for charlesks and riverheart, and then started home, but a new surge of energy hit me, and I sent to the Merc instead, and danced (in my new leathers) `till 230am. Saw intrepid_reason there, and danced with her and a friend of hers. Very fun. Even tho I kept flubbing up a lot of the swing-your-partner maneuvers. There was lots of pretty people in pretty clothes there. It looks like a lot of people went there after the art show, I was not the only one.

Up and at `em

Crawled out of bed at about 1pm.

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