Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I worked on this ****ing problem `till 3am, and then went home. I left a note on my monitor "Worked late, will be in late". Got up at about 11am, made it to the gym.

Gym today was leg work. I tried something a little bit different suggested by my trainer. A spoonful of creatine powder and a spoonful of just table sugar, in a glass of warm water, half an hour before lifting. It seems to have worked, very little burn or pain. Will see if it continues to work.

I've only got about a dozen of my 100 sessions left. Steve and I are working on ways to get the price down to what I paid before for a another set. We've about done it, but I'm starting to wonder how well I could do it on my own for a while. After all, 4500 bucks is a heavy chunk of money, and I have a couple of expensive trips planned for 2004.

Then after gym, went to work.

Perforce is as slow as mud today. Somebody is moving lots and lots of files around, the VPN between KIR and PAO is saturated, and people keep adding files to their snapshots without "p4 add"'ing them, which makes builds that build for them but not for anyone else. My cycle time for fixing this problem is constrained by how fast I can checkout and rebuild the whole tree.

And the p4 admin just called my cube mate up, apparently all our p4 activity is working against the server in PAO, even tho our config is pointed at the one here in KIR. Not my problem, and nothing I can do to fix.

I left my ozonator running my my car overnight. So right now it doesn't smell like dead meat, it instead smells like a high end swimming pool. After the ozone aftermath dissipates, we shall see tomorrow morning whether the Smell has been killed.

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