Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

(Am I LJing too much? It's fun to do while I think and wait for builds to run.)

The censored build blew up at the partner's site. Crud. Now I have to recreate it on my machine, and then check against their error messages and try to figure out what happened. This checkout takes A Fair Bit Of Time.

The Crypt just called, my new pants are in. I was expecting them on Thursday.

I hope that Eastside Subaru gets done with my Forester in time for me to make my regular 3pm Tuesday trip into Seattle. Tho piano should be interesting, I havn't done any practicing since the salon on Sunday.

The "deli guy" hasn't come today, so it looks like I will hoof it up to Safeway to buy my "caveman diet" lunch (cold cut meat, lowfat cottage cheese, bagged salad).

My employer has just opened up some job req's here in Kirkland. Eight tester QA positions (Unix command line skills necessary), and a "Linux kernel developer" position. I'll make a better posting to my LJ and to news:bofh.jobfh.offered when I get more details.

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