Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My weekend.


The worktask that I had wanted to get done last Friday, I got done. It works pretty neatly, and I got it checked into the mainline on perforce, which means that it should now be an easy task for me to made "censored" drops on a regular basis. If it gets too regular, I will write a wrapper script that does the checkout, partial build, invokes the censoring that I just wrote, and then tars up the tree and pipes it to smbclient to drop it on the target share.

That day at noon was the deadline for the quarterly goals projection for Q1. I think I picked a good set, one "gimme" corporate goal (if we miss it, I will have bigger problems then just collecting 10% of my quarterly bonus), one that was the task I had just got done, and two "will support" goals.

This was also a gym day, after missing on Wednesday (as a result of doing an allnighter Tuesday night / Wednesday morning). We did legs. One-leg-press in the machine again. It's a pity that joints don't get strong as well as muscles do, I really am convinced that I have reached the point where I would blow a knee if I tried to "max-once" the leg press.

I didn't "go out" that evening. In part because I think I'm upset with my big screwup last weekend going out, and in part because I felt the need to do paperwork, to clean my place and work on the piano.

So I instead vacuumed the carpets, swept the flooring, dusted the stuff, and pushed laundry, and then worked on the piano (which I can do late into the night, because I have a fake piano and a set of headphones). And I discovered that I had lost a bill in the stack that is going to be due on Sunday. Crud.


I arranged with omahas to be at her place at "just after noon" for our shopping trip. I got there at more like one.

It was much fun shopping with Omaha. We went to CapHill, which is THE place in Seattle for the kinds of shops that had the kinds of clothes we were looking for. We hit the Crypt, and Rado, and Metro, and a few other places.

The Crypt had the stuff, of course. She picked out a gorgeous long black PVC skirt and a lovely steel and PVC corset. But the $100 price for the corset was a bit just too much, as she already had a bustea and a steel waisting. So she just got the skirt.

After I tried on a pair of PVC pants, her advice to me was "leather". I tried out several sizes and cuts. The very very best was this great outfit with lined leather pants with lacing up the sides of the legs, and an open throat short sleeve shirt with lacing at the throat, arms, and sides. Looking in the mirror, there was this Really Hot Guy, with muscles. It was hard to believe it was me.

But that outfit, even with the 30% off sale, came in at about $500. Ouch. Too too too much. (Especially with the possible need to buy a new computer coming up, and the Alaska trip this summer, and BiCamp, and Worldcon, and...) The single best piece was the shirt, but I don't have the pants for it, and the pants by themselves I don't otherwise have shirt for. So I settled on a pair of "plain cut" leather pants, that I can wear as clubwear as well as "at the `Spot" wear. They didn't have the plain cut in my size, but they ordered a pair, which should be in on Thursday. Omaha said she will help me hem them, as she has a leather rated needle.

Maybe I will put that outfit on again when I go in to pick up the pants, and see if they will let me take a picture of it. It really was hot. Oh, if I were a rich man...

The bummer of the day was that it seems that something has crawled into the ductwork of my car, and died. Yuck. It's not overpowering, just enough to be annoying. I emptied out and aired out the car, it see if something had fallen out of a grocery bag or something, to no avail. Monday I will call the dealer. Well, I was going to have it detailed soon anyway...

After taking Omaha back to her home, I spent a very pleasant time playing with the girls and chatting with elfs and watching some fun and weird anime. I really like "Read or Die", tho I wish that it had been subbed instead of dubbed.)


I woke up this morning from a very disappointing dream. It was a *great* dream, but a disappointing wakeup. I had dreamed very clearly that someone had called me, and woke me up, and they had found my computer. They accurately described it, and I was very excited, and happy. After I hung up, I realized one, I had not gotten any information from him on how to meet up to get it back, and two, he would have called me on my cellphone number, not my landline (very few people have my landline number). Bang, that woke me up.


After minimal morning chores (washing myself, feeding the cats) I attacked the piano, working out over the piece again and again. Measure by measure, phrase by phrase, backward. For hours. When the appointed time rolled around, I went into Seattle, hooked up with jezel, and she dropped me off at Mr Henry's studio while she used my SUV to run errands.

The salon went very well. It was a bit larger than the last, with (thinks) 7 other students. I was, I think, the second youngest student, most of the others had started or restarted piano in late adulthood or retirement. The one younger was a very handsome 14yo girl who has been studying under Mr Henry for 7 years, and in another 7 she is going to be drop dead gorgeous (she has the "supermodel build", which means that right now she probably thinks she's too tall and lanky).

We each played our pieces or duets, and then Mr Henry and the rest of us would offer advice for improvement (always gently stated). I played the piece better than I had ever done before. The "public performance" aspect of never being able to stop and replay a measure was part of it, I think. My first time thru was very soft and weak, but on the 3rd replay, had the right dynamic and rhythmic snap that it demanded. (It's an arrangement of "Toreador Song" from Bizet's Carmin.)

I was nervous going in, but pleasantly pleased with myself at the end.

After the salon, I walked up to 85th & Greenwood to rendezvous with jezel. I stopped on the way because of an antique and junk store that was going out of business. I picked up an enameled steel cup, a pair of cast iron pans, and a triple screen sifter for only twenty bucks. I've been looking for a sifter, to see if it will improve my bread.

She and I had lunch/dinner at the Safeway there, and then we went up to her storage cage to shuffle out some clothes so she can have some more office and interview wear.

And then I went to work to mooch off their internet connection. Sigh.

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