Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Posting by email, since ljupdate.el doesnt work on this machine.

Still nobody has called about my laptop. Not even any crank calls, even tho my number is now plastered on nearly every vertical pole in the core of CapHill. Maybe tomorrow I will start hitting up the CapHill pawnshops. I read thru all the eBay listings for "thinkpad 600", while feeling my soul wrinkle with suspicion.

jezel suffered an even worse turn of luck. Somebody hit-n-run sideswiped her parked car a few nights ago, leaving behind his own headlight lens and rearview mirror. And it turns out that her insurance "forgot" to collect her premium at the beginning of the month, and cancelled her insurance without calling her.

Piano lesson was pretty good. More work on the Bizet's Toreador Song from Carmen, in preparation for the salon on Sunday afternoon.

Have a Must Have Done Tomorrow on my plate, so I'm sitting at work. Had a RedBull just before piano, nursing another one now, my dinner (cold cuts, raw greens, lowfat cottage cheese) is staring at me. In a moment of weakness at the store, I bought a tube of cookie dough (it was on sale, even!) and ate half of it for comfort. Ugh!

I hate people. I dearly love my friends and family. But, in general, I hate people.

My legs are still stiff from dancing all night Saturday, and my back and shoulders are stiff from the trainer on Monday. I need a backrub all the way down to the soles of my feet.

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