Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Well, nobody has called, even tho my business card was in the case.

I've called the Seattle Police Department. They will call me back to take a report, which is what the pawn shops and such places need to formally start watching for it. I've started calling the pawn shops in CapHill. Most were helpful and friendly, and took the serial number to start watching for it. One (Capitol Loans) was noticably less friendly, and would ONLY work thru the SPD pawns unit. Makes me suspicious.

This evening I shall return to CapHill with a stack of fliers and a stapler.

I've got my home dir pulled out of my backup (which was done on the 22nd, right before my trip to Utah and Boston), and expanded on my Linux workstation at work. It's not all all there (gaim doesnt work, ferex, and emacs lj-update doesnt either.), but I've got my email and USENET back.

I should have gone to the Lynnwood monthly SP I keep getting invited back to, I wouldn't have been tromping around CapHill with my computer if I had had...

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