Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Mormon Ties

I grew up Mormon. My parents were Mormons. My grandparents were Mormons. Their parents were Mormons. And so on. Western Mormon Stock, too. My great to the eighth grandfather's name is inscribed on the "This Is The Place" Monument in the mouth of Pioneer Canyon the Salt Lake Valley, as he was one of the members of the scouting party that entered the valley the day before Brigham Young did on the 24th of July in 1847, in the first wave of the Mormon Exodus. My ex's maiden name was Young. Yes, those Youngs.

I haven't been a "good Mormon" for pushing ten years now.

It's more than a religion, it's a culture and a way of living. Everything you do, everything you see, everything you learn, gets filtered through it. It's not a "cult", in that there are no mandatory lifetime isolation, none of the standard phyological tricks that are earmarks of cult programming but even so, it's more than a video club membership.

And they don't let you go without a fight. My name is still on their records, and somebody has ratted me out.

A little while ago, the Bishop of the Kirkland Second Ward knocked on my door. A few days after that, the local missionaries stopped by. And now my newly assigned Home Teachers called to make an appointment.

Every ward is made up of and is responsable for every member inside a given geographic area. Even if I've never set foot inside the local meetinghouse (I'm not even sure where it is), it's there, and considers me part of it.

And part of that is to make sure I have a pair of "Home Teachers". These are two active members who's job it is to visit me every month, make sure I'm still alive, offer the resources the ward may command towards any true needs I may have, and to occasionally say "We wish you would come back".

I'll let them come. It'll be fun to have guests occationally.
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