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So the power came back on at about 5am this morning. Right after my Really Fast Shower (given that there was only a limited supply of hot water, and I had to save some for my couch-surfing house guest).

The second piece of shit for the day was a nasty passive-aggressive note from my property manager on a semi-official "violation of lease terms" form, complaining about cat litter in the dumpster.

Despite my accidental attempt at having a completely random sleep schedule these last two weeks, I have indeed lagged myself 3 hours Eastward, as I was at work at 6am fully awake. The parking lot was Completely Empty.

I wish I had had these antinoise headphones much sooner. Making all the fan noise and overhead light buzz Go Away is Very Nice. While I'm dealing with little nits, maybe I shall open a ticket with IT about the fan on my linux PC that is about to die...

In 3 hours will be my first gym appointment in 3 weeks. This is going to hurt.

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