Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Rembrandt exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is


Any of you readers near Boston before January 18, you really should go.

This morning myself, Judy, and missdimple T'ed to the MFA. Despite living several years in Boston, I never went to the MFA, a failing I now regret.

We spent many hours being overwhelmed with 5 large rooms of paintings, etchings, and scetches, focusing on his self portraits, biblical storytelling, portraits, nudes, and landscapes, visiting and revisiting each over the beginning, middle, and end of his career.

Judy had to leave for work, so missdimple and I decompressed in the cafe and the giftshop (and and fine giftshop it was, despite being not very accessable, what with MsDimple having to wheel around in a chair).

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