Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Morning in Boston

The flight from Newark to Boston was mostly uneventful.

One fun thing I did was tell my GPS receiver "goto waypoint, Judy's House", and then held it up to the window so it could get a fix. It was fun to watch the distance count down, and track the heading and altitude. Of course, I was unable to not think to myself "exit plane" and "pull", as we went thru 13500 ft and 3500 ft. I had not realized that an airline maneuvers it's approach at such a low altitude, only about 1500 to 1000 ft. That's that same altitude that I line up my direction of approach, under a parachute.

Somehow two people got booked for my seat, but it worked out. They moved me the the exit row, and there was no seat in front of me, so I was actually able to stretch my legs out. I will have to Remember That, the next time.

It was certainly better than the dream I had on the flight from SLC. I was in my apartment, and some friend of mine came over to visit, but I was horribly hunched over, unable to lift my head or straighten my back, to look at them. I fought myself awake, to find myself stiffly hunched over in the corner of my seat. Ouch.

Judy's last roommate had had a cablemodem and accesspoint installed, but the current one does not. However, somewhere nearby, one of her neighbors has, and with no WEP enabled, so I'm mooching off of whoever they are.

I'm either fighting off another damn cold (this one is more sinus congestion and less sore throat than the last), or else I just iritated my nose and turned into a mouthbreather last night. More echenacia...

Last night, walking back from dinner, we passed by missdimple & zzbottom's home. On a lark, I called her up. But she and he were both out on dates. Sorry for interrupting, missdimple, I hope you had a wonderful time!

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