Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Stayed up most of the way thru the night packing, cleaning, and getting ready.

Was going to take a 90 minute nap, but it turned into 300 minute nap instead. Made it to work, did the necessary handoffs for my absence. Drove south, made it to elfs just after 5pm.

A bit later, he dropped me off at the airport. The traffic was nasty, because the idiot DoHS's "Orange Alert" meant that only one lane of one road was open into the airport, with the amazingly effective security of having some bored officer Friendly glance at each driver's face as he waved them in. I didn't check any luggage, and the Torpid unSaftey Agency checkpoint moved pretty fast.

Slept thru the flight, with the aid of my new anti-noise headphones.

Got to my parents' place, dinner of yummy homemade bread, poked at the remodelling work since last summer, petted Wulfie. jatg will be along later tonight.

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