Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 101 of 124. Legs.

I set a new personal record on the machine leg press today. 305lb.

Which was then followed by the "triangle of death". Lunges with 15lb, cycled with stepups with 15lb, cycled with ball squats with 70lb. By the end of that, I was pouring sweat, I was stitching up my sides all the way thru my neck, my hands and forarms were cramping, and my peripheral vision was gone.

Since the loss of my gym bag, I had to wear my ordinary black boots in the gym. I think that they made the balance for the lunges and for the standing calves easier. At least, on the calves I was able to cook my legs without pulling the soles of my feet, which is the usual limiting factor.

Speaking of which, I set a new rep times weight record for calves, as well.

Calves are weird. Once the "burn" sets in, it's going to last 30 agonizing seconds, whether I stop or keep going. So I just keep going, and then hop off, and grit my teeth and wait for the pain to fade. No other muscle feels like that.

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