Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The credit card, I had left at Kinkos (When I walked in, the clerk looked up, and said "There you are! Your picture has been staring at me all weekend." (I have my picture on the card)).

The gym bag hasn't turned up. I was hoping I had left it at the gym on Friday, but no joy. I don't mind losing the bag itself, or the cheap shorts and t-shirt, but I do mind losing a pair of shoes.

I rolled my sleep cycle around the "easy way" yesterday (forcing myself to bed at about 9pm, with only one 1.5 hour wakeup in the middle), and it's kind of fun to be at work with no "I feel sleepy" mental weight to hold off.

Every well defined task I have at work that I do more than twice, I write a shell script to do. This seems to amaze some people. The example du jour is wrapping up a little bit of the source tree into a tarball and sticking it on a shared FTP server for a programmer over at Vulcan to access. I had left detailed step by step instructions yesterday morning to my teammates in how to do it, but they had elected instead to wait `till today. I guess they are afraid of my scripts or something.

The vet came yesterday to pull a urine sample out of Birki. Since I had watered her only an hour or so before, the fluid came out almost clear, which is very unusual for a cat (feline kidneys "want" to make super concentrated urine, which is probably *why* they wear out so damn fast) but is normal for a cat receiving hydration for FRS. It will be enough to see if her high whitecell count is coming from a UTI. Having a vet that makes house calls, (and *only* makes house calls), seriously rocks.

I *still* havn't got the actual packages into the mail.

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