Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Wallets and Findings

While walking around on an errand today, I found a Starbucks Cash Card in the gutter. Which was cool, I thought. Until I saw the REI Gift Card. And the business cards, and the receipts, and so on. It was the contents of someone's wallet, spread though the gutter. No ID, no credit cards, no cash, no actual wallet, but other stuff.

I gathered it all up, and sorted it out on my desk at work. I found a charge return receipt with a phone number on it. I called the number, and reached the owner of the wallet. He was in North Seattle (I'm in Kirkland, a half hour drive away), and had just noticed it was missing, and was in the process of cancelling his cards.

He was sad and disappointed that there were none of his IDs or his photos in the stuff I found, but was glad and touched that I would care enough to call him. I got his address, put it all in an envelope, and dropped it in the post.

Lost things make me sad. In fact, losing things is sadness, almost axiomatically. And thieves make me angry, almost beyond reason.

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