Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Well Saturday I spent much of gathering addresses, printing envelopes, making prints, and writing. I now have stack of cards to mail Monday, and another half dozen or so blocked on information gathering.

Actually talked to my younger brother Brent on the phone, getting his address. He owns a chair in a tatoo parlor. Oh, and JudyG called. *bounce* Always much joyfun to chat with her.

That evening was the corporate holiday party. And to make everyone arrive on time, and stay thru the whole thing, it was held on a Argosy cruiser, out in the soud. It was ok, tho I didnt win anything at the raffle, even tho I had accumlated a HUGE pile of chips. (Everyone was given 2000 "dollars", and they had blackjack tables running, and every thousand "dollars" was worth another raffle ticket.

I spent some time chatting socially with some coworkers, and some good time socializing with my boss and his wife.

After we docked back up at midnight, instead of heading right home, I went to the Merc. julzerator and artvixn were both there. I was a fair bit more social than I was last time, and I made up for not having done the EC for a last few days by spending pretty much 3 hours out on the dance floor. One of the movies they put on the big screen was "Starship Troopers". What a crudy movie full of "pretty people". The evening started with a full house, with lots of eye candy. I actually met someone who had worked for my current employer, she had quit about a year ago. Lots of coupled (and coupling) pairs on the dance floor (of course, they all had arrived as couples, and left as couples).

After that, I came home, washed the smoke stink off, did some reading (while my cats took turns using me as a heated sleeping pad), and then noticed the sun rising.

I guess I will be spending Sunday morning, sleeping.

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