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My Day

This morning I woke up with my ears stuffed and aching. Most of my family has a strange "kink" in our ear canals, such that while the eardrum is more protected than usual, sometimes the canal fills full, gets impacted, and needs a specialist to clean it out. So I looked up the closest ENT clinic, and took the next open appointment, for Thursday morning. The last time I had this done, the insurance picked it up, but when my ex had it done on the same insurance, the wouldn't, so we shall see.

My ignorance of Perforce (warning: Geeky)">

I made (small) fool of myself using our source control system at work this morning. I'm working on a small experimental project on our main big project, so a special branch has been made for it. Only 3 people are supposed to have checkin rights to it. Well, this morning, I did a p4 sync and saw a whole lot of other changes by other people fly by. And p4 changes showed a lot of activity. So I wrote an email to the p4 admin, and cc'ed the rest of the time and our managers, and asked what was going on. (At least I was polite about it, and couched it in terms of my own ignorance of Perforce.) It turns out that I have to do p4 sync -f ... and p4 changes -f ... to stay wholly inside the current branch. That doesn't make sense to me, but I'm hoping the day comes soon that p4 "clicks" for me. I hate working by magic, and sophisticated version management software, and Yet Another system (this is the 3rd for the company since I started working here), are still too much in the realm of cargo cult magic for me as a user.

Some more Holiday presents for various friends arrived in the mail today. When did giving presents become more fun than getting them? Sometime in my late teens, I thing. It's probably an important milestone in the long road toward growing up.

And as y'all already saw, the digital copy of my portrait arrived as well. The photographer couldn't convince ATTBI's mail servers to accept an 11624876 byte attached TIFF file, so he JPEGed it down a factor of 10, and emailed me that instead. Being the pendant that I am, I set up a one shot FTP account on my colo box for him, sent him directions in howto do an FTP upload with MS IE, and got the whole file. I look forward to seeing the photoprint hardcopy in the mail, along with prints of the group photo (with elfs, omahas, j5nn5r, and several other cool people) that was taken at the same time.

I got to the Greenwood district a little bit early, so I passed some time at a specialty art consignment store, "Oh My Glass", where I chatted with the proprietor, and bought a bag of baubles for making holiday cards.

Oh, and I drank a can of "sugar free Red Bull".

The piano lesson went well. We spent a few minutes talking about last Sunday's concert (he is a member of the Seattle Men's Chorus), and then went to work. I've gotten better at the "scales in rhythmic patterns" exercise, even tho it still consumes 100% of my focused attention. Eventually hopefully it will just be an subconscious skill. The main piece of the day/week/month is "Toréador Song" (a tune that everyone knows). At the end of the hour, he had pushed me really hard, but I was a lot better at it. I always get better in one hour of his pushing me than I do in a week of practice. If I was "post-economic", I would be in his studio for an hour or two every day, instead of just an hour a week.

I got home, full of energy, did a lot of little chores (washed the dishes, pushed some stored TV onto tape for jatg, watered the cat, pushed and hung up laundry). Relaxed a little bit (watched Justice League and read some USENET).

Still not willing to sleep, I went to the 24HrFit and did an hour on the EC (790cal) and 100 inclined bench crunches, stopping only when I could smell the ammonia on my breath (which means that I've stopped burning carbs and fat, and am starting to burn protein), listening to a Morse Code memorization song the whole time.

Then I came home, and composed this long LJ entry.

And while a bit weary, I'm still not sleepy. Maybe I should make the lowcarb RedBull a regular thing, but drink it much earlier in the day.

My upstairs neighbors have a cat, a very pretty (mediumhair white with red and grey points) and sweet guy, and the CENSOREDes put him out at night. This may be a temperate climate, but it's still December, people! It's cold and wet outside. I don't dare let him in tho, first because my 3 guys will just fight and growl at him all night, and also, because of Birki's chronic FRS, she's no longer up to date on her optional innoculations. And I will not nurse her kidneys along for the rest of her life, only to have her die of FIV or FeLV, so no more outside contact. (I even wash my hands when I get home before petting her, which offenders her to no end.)


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