Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Four weird bits of dream

I was a model/performer/human prop in a photographic exhibition that had come together, that uses "ordinary people". But the day off, some of the stuff I needed was in my geek jacket, but it had been stolen, so I needed to run home for a moment, but since I didn't have my car keys, I asked my parents to take me, but they had given their keys to one of my sisters, and she wanted more in trade then I had to give, and when I complained to my parents that I had often been compelled to give instead of trade favors, I was told, "So? She's a girl, and you're an older brother." Note: the timelines, relative ages, and events make absolutely no sense here, this was not a real event.

I was drafted into being a member of the audience at a Jerry Springer show, and the "guest on the spot" was Stephen Hawking. The show was outdoors, and Professor Hawking, instead of being piled into his trademark wheelchair with his trademark voice synth, was instead "installed" in a completely enclosed in a slightly futuristic metallic box, which a much better voice. The show goons had lifted him up and set him on a frame so that he was unable to roll away in disgust. I wondered how the show producers were going to avoid criminal charges for that, and finally snuck away.

I was driving my Forester from Bountiful to Farmington in Utah, and was having a hell of a time using the built-in phone on the car's dashboard, because using the phone is supposed to shut off the radio, but the music wouldn't shut off, until I realized that I had an earbud plugged into musicbox in my coat. Note: I've never had my Forester in Utah, and it doesn't actually have a built-in phone.

I was making a right turn on a freshly green light, and saw that the right lane on the road I was turning on to was blocked with a parked car, so I looked back over my shoulder to merge left, and in so doing got to watch some kid who was "driving" an old beatup Segway towing a handtruck loaded with plastic bins smack hard into the back of a cargo truck. I stopped with them, got out. Nobody was hurt, and the truck driver had already radioed it in, so no calls were needed. Note: the fact that the kid was on a Segway was utterly unremarkable, its not possible for a Segway to be fast enough to do this, and it's not possible for the kid to collapsed the trucks rear bumper and be unhurt. Turns out the plastic bins were full of just "spines" for plastic report covers, he was hauling a load to a copy shop or something.

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