Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My day.

So today this morning I slept in again. And didn't go to the gym either. Bad Mark.

But I did work over the piano, grinding out each bar, ten times correctly each, in reverse order. It's not the most efficient way to practice, but it is currently the only way that disciplines me to work over and work out the problem areas,

I am so close. I can feel it. So close to being able to read notes as fast as I can see them, fast enough that it's the speed of my fingers (which is not that great itself), not the speed of my reading, that is the limiting factor.

I learned to read by memorizing a book (an abridgment of "Charlotte's Web") until the link formed. (That's the way Yamarashi-chan is teaching herself to read as well, right now.) My father kind of made fun of that way I learned, which always kind of hurt, but I've decided to embrace it, that's the way I'm learning this way of reading as well. I will grind out these arrangements, bar by bar, note by note, finger by finger, motion by motion, until it clicks in my head, and I have a new skill.


At 5pm, I was pulling out of the driveway to get to the lesson at 6. On a normal workday, I wouldn't have had a prayer of making it on time. But today wasn't a regular workday, and I made it with enough time to stop at Dreamstrands Comics and get caught up on the last 5 months of Lucifer and Ultimate Spider-Man.

The music lesson went decently okay. The "scales in rhythmic patterns" exercise was brutal but noticeably improving (I may yet someday develop a sense of rhythm and time), and the piece he said I was much improved, even as he was focusing on prefingering mistakes I was making.

After that, I gave a stranger who was racing to catch the bus a ride to 85th & Greenwood, then did some grocery and supplies shopping at SamsClub, made a pit stop at KrispyKream (couldn't help myself), and then headed south to Burien.

elfs and omahas had seen Master & Commander at the Cinerama a few weeks ago, and she had said she had wanted to see it again, so a few days ago I invited her to come see it this evening. I got to their place, played a bit with Kouryou and Yamarashi, and then she and I went back north.

It was a really good flick. Big budget, good effects, big name acting. But the budget was in service of the story, the effects set the scene and the atmosphere, and the acting was good, made for good characters. I'm not a nautical adventure fan, and I'm not a Russell Crow fan, but I strongly recommend this movie. Go see if, if you haven't yet.

Hurtling back thru the night and the rain, we arrived back, to meet Shaterri, who is going to be staying a while in the Sternberg's spare bedroom, as part of his escape from the sinking morass that is California.

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