Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Assorted little updates

Tuesday, the vet came to check up on Birki. Since she Feline Renal Syndrome (her kidneys are slowly not working), she has to have blood work done on a regular basis. The vet could not bring her vettech with her for this visit, so I got to be the one to hold the cat during the shaving, the blood pressure check, and the blood draw.

Dr Monahan said that she almost never tries this, with the owner holding the cat, but Birki was so trusting of my hands, she was almost no trouble at all.

Wednesday was a gym day. Legs. Again with the smith machine squat, and then we followed it up with the hack squat. Both heavy full body lifts, both of them, we kept piling on more weight each set. When we went on to the next thing, ball squats cycled with lunges, I complained about how much I hate lunges, and he semiseriously said I could just do twice as many ball squats instead. I took him up on it. SIX sets! The tears were starting to leak out of the corners of my eyes by the time I was done, but I did it.

At work I have been making progress at adding UPnP to the box. I'm down into the parts of the code where nobody really knows how it all works, or the people who do know are either in California, on vacation, too busy to help me, or have been laid off. There are lots of signs of "cargo cult" programming in the code, and when I ask someone more knowledgeable about various parts, I just get told "just copy this part, and change it around, we dont have the time to worry about how it works", which just means I'm yet another cargo cultist. Sigh.

The EQP for the Kirkland Ward (the local Mormon congregation) has invited me to his family's Thanksgiving Feast, so that's where I will be eating Turkey this afternoon.

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