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Mark Atwood
Holiday Travel. Utah and Boston.
I just bought my tix.

On December 22nd, I will go to Utah, and will spend Christmas with my family there. On the 27th, I will be in Boston, and will spend New Year with my friends there. And then on Jan 4th, I will return home to Seattle.

It's cheaper to fly SouthWest to SLC, and then fly Continental from SLC to BOS to SEA, then it is to fly Continental the whole loop. Oh well, I like flying LUV, they have good aircrews. Pity that they dont do longhaul, and that they dont land at Logan in Boston. I think maybe my next SEA/BOS shot I will give Alaska Air a try.

I've been talking about going down to Vegas to spend some windtunnel training time over this holiday trip, but as I thought it thru, I decided that that was too much money and insanity in too short a period of time. I think instead it would be better to make it a birthday present to myself, in March.
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chemicallace From: chemicallace Date: November 24th, 2003 05:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
I took the BOS-SEA Alaska Air run when I went out there in October and it was just fine and anything that's that cheap for direct is always nice. I do tend to sleep through most flights, but it was up there on the better flights I've taken in the past few years anyway.

It seems we're trading places. I head out that way on Christmas and return on 1/9.
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