Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 96 of 124. Back, Shoulders, & Triceps.

Morning weight:215.0lb Fat:unmeasured Heart:unmeasured

  1. EC Warmup. 10 minutes.
  2. Kneeling Bench Dumbbell Row. 3x15, two at 25lb, then up to 30lb
  3. Seated Cable Lat Pulldown. 3x15. Up a bit, got really heavy.
  4. Low Back Raise. 3x15 at 15lb.
  5. cycled with Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Flys. 2x15, then failed at 12.</b>
  6. Machine Shoulder Press. I started cooked, and got worse, had to keep dropping, always failed at 10.
  7. Machine Row. 3x15.
  8. Machine Assisted Dip. 2x15, then failed at 10. I started to feel sick. Not enough sleep.
  9. Tricep Cable Pulldown. 3x15. Needed to sit quietly several minutes before I could begin.

I'm not sleeping enough, only about 6 hours a night, and I'm starting to really pay for it in the gym. I was all excited yesterday at 213.5, and now I'm back at 215.0.

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