Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 95 of 124. Legs.

Morning weight:215.0lb Fat:22% Heart:unmeasured

Morning routine, 6:30am. EC: 60min, 805cal, 4.31miles. Inclined crunch: 3x35.

Last Wednesday, we talked about changing up the legs routine, and so we did. Substitued in a standing squat, and did all multijoint exercises (except for the calves).

  1. EC Warmup. 10 minutes.
  2. Smith Machine Standing Squat. It's been a while since we attempted a standing squat, so it took 4 sets to find the right weight. Even then, it wasnt all that "heavy", but it was a much more "all body" exercise, that left my heart pounding and my lungs sucking air.
  3. Nautilus Reclined Leg Press. Another one that has been a while, so took a bit to find the right weight.
  4. Seated Calves. Up 5lb, to 105. 20,20, and then the arch of my right foot gave out.
  5. Unloaded Lunge. 3x12. This is a good time to again mention just how much I hate lunges.
  6. cycled with Ball Squats. 3x12. Really really shaky and wiggleworm form by the end.
  7. Finished off with Standing Calves. 240lb, a new high for me I think. Did 20, 20, and then failed at 12.
  8. No mojo for either Hip Abductor or Hip Adductor, as I had a serious bad case of the "shaky stands".

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