Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My weekend


Friday after work, I considered considering going "out and about", but between work weariness, and the dark and the rain, I stayed in, practiced the piano, and snugged with the cats.


I slept in Saturday morning, gloriously so. Did some chores (my apartment REALLY needed vacuuming), and then drove to CapHill, mainly to sell a box of books to Twice Sold Tales. They took nearly all of them, gave me decent money too. Surprisingly, hardback Bujold doesn't move well. I will try one of the other TST's later, and if that fails, there is always Half Price. They take everything.

The clerk was kind of odd (which is ok, it's an odd bookstore). One of the books I had in the crate was "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Dating". She looked at it, looked at me, and then said that if I didn't wear my big black coat, I would be an handsome buck, and wouldn't have needed the book. Shrug, smile.

Went to Vivace Roasteria for the monthly BiSocial gathering. Small group, only 3. (Something there are over a dozen.) The Vivace had a little sign up saying that they now have free wireless internet access. Cool!

Next thing on the plan was to spend the evening being lazy with elfs & omahas. Passing over Denny, looking down onto I5S, the traffic was just crawling. "I know!" think I to myself, "I'll go down to the viaduct and get to Burien that way." So I work my way down almost to the shore, only to discover that the viaduct is closed for maintenance this weekend. Crud. Fight my way back up to I5, and enjoy the traffic.

I arrived bearing gifts, a bag of Ephemere Truffles from Dilettantes. They were much enjoyed by everyone, but most especially by Kouryou-chan, who as soon as nobody was watching, dug into the bag and ate the rest of them. One really can't blame her, I myself had to exercises a fair amount of self control to refrain from eating them all myself on the drive down.

Dinner was yummy (salmon and bitter greens), as was breakfast (low-butter waffles).

Omaha and I watched a fun little Clint Eastwood flick, Heartbreak Ridge. It's not something I would have picked out for myself to watch, but it was much fun to watch with someone else. Part of the fun of watching movies with other people is watching and enjoying stuff "outside your box".


The next day, I went home, watered the cat, did a few more chores, a bit more piano, and then went to work. As I told Elf the night before, when he was working on fixing the broken configuration of the web server for Omaha's internet radio show, the Gamesome Mac, I had a similar task. I wrote a web server.

Well, a lot of one, anyway. I wasn't quite done when I called it a day at 10pm, but it was enough to hold the dike against the flood for a couple of days at least. Tho if I had been offered the payment-in-kind that Elf was, I probably would have gotten finished.

While working, I swapped some IMs with my sisters wykurst & jatg. Also, my parents checked in, via phone. Dad to say hello and to work out some details for the Alaskan fishing trip next August, and Mom to see which of the holidays I was going to spend in Utah (Christmas, not Thanksgiving). My ex, jezel also called, to say hi, see when I was coming, and to tell me that she had discovered SLC's goth club, "The Sanctuary" (a cool name, given the location).


The thing to learn today is pthreads, as this little embedded web server needs to be multithreaded.

I took a fair bit of inspiration (and some code snippets) from some other LGPLed code, so, of course, this thing is LGPLed as well. Look for it eventually in SourceForge and FreshMeat, an LGPLed in-process embedded web server that requires only ANSI C (no C++), POSIX pThreads, and the POSIX BSD-style socket API.

I had originally been scheduled to spend the afternoon at Vulcan "interfacing" with a developer there (my employer is a Paul Allen company, and Vulcan is the head company that "in the darkness binds them"), but that got moved to tomorrow. Sigh. So I am going to have to bump my piano lesson to some other time.

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