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Mark Atwood
Gym. Session 94 of 124. Chest & Triceps.
I got my mojo back. Heavyer, Stronger, More.

Weight:215.5lb Fat:23% Heart:unmeasured

  1. EC Warmup. 10 minutes.
  2. Dumbbell Bench Press. Up 5lb per hand, to 80lb, 40lb per hand. Full 3x15, plus another 3 reps. My right shoulder started complaining, but that mostly went away with some posture fixes.
  3. cycled with Bench Leg Abs. 3x20 again. I won't say they have gotten "easy", not "not quite so hard".
  4. Hammer Frame Bench Press. 3x15
  5. cycled with Ball Crunch. 3x35. That's 105!
  6. Machine Seated Fly. 3x15. Due to a misread of the paperwork, we started too heavy, 80lb. But I did it anyway the first set, and went up another 10lb, to 90, for the second two sets.
  7. cycled with One Legged Plank. This is just The Plank, with the joyful addition of holding one leg up, and then half way thru, trading legs. It kicked my ass, I was only able to hold it for 10 breaths per pose.
  8. Machine Tricep Press. (This is a machine version of the classic Dip.) Big jump in weight again, almost lifting me out of the seat. It was VERY heavy, but I got it all done.
  9. Tricep Cable Pulldown. A new better grip bar, and a 30lb jump in weight. 3x15. Plus 3 additional reps! Rrrarr!

Steve has really started ragging on me for missing my cardio. And he's right. He's got a target weight goal of his own, and has a bet in process with another client about his vs her goal. We're talking about doing something similar, maybe betting 3 free sessions vs a new pair of shoes. Since I am more than a little bit motivated by money (specifically, not having to pay it), that may indeed be what I need to get my ass out of bed and onto the EC every morning for the next quarter.

I want to cut that 23% bodyfat to half that.
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