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Mark Atwood
Gym. Session 90 of 124. Shoulders, Back & Triceps
Weight:216.0lb Fat:unmeasured Heart:unmeasured

  1. EC Warmup. 10 minutes.
  2. Kneeling Bench Dumbbell Row. 3x15
  3. Cable Pulldown. Narrower grip bar. 3x15
  4. Machine Shoulder Press. 3x15. Started easy, could barely do the last.
  5. Machine Lat Raise. Couldnt do 15. Drop weight, did 3x10.
  6. Machine Assisted Dip. Immediate failure, my shoulders were too cooked to work my tris this way
  7. Tricep Cable Pulldown. 3x15. Drop set.
  8. Low Back Raise. 3x15 at 15lb. No problem, started to cook by the end.
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