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Gym. Session 89 of 124. Legs.

Weight:214.5lb Fat:23% Heart:60bpm

No weights went up today, in fact, some of them went down.
  1. EC Warmup.
  2. Single Leg Press. Back to single leg, because of the shortage of plates. 24HF got rid of all their 100lb plates for "safety reasons", and did not add a lot of 35lb plates to make up the difference. So when most of the legs stations are in use, there are not enough plates.
  3. Hack Squat.
  4. Seated Calves.
  5. cycled with Ball Squat.
  6. Machine Leg Curl.
  7. cycled with unloaded Lunge. Didn't do so well, kept failing (and falling over) about 2/3 the way thru. When this cycle set was over, I had to sit and catch my breath for a while.
  8. Machine Leg Extention. I normally rock at this. But of course, I usually do it before the curls and lunges. Had to drop 15lb, and then 15lb again.
  9. Standing Calves.
  10. just could not face Hip Abductors or Hip Abductors

I feel just blah today. Weak and slow, and my old headache has flared up bad again, and has a more "normal" headache to keep it company.

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