Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The day in brief

Weight:</b>214.0lb</b> Fat:22% Heart:unmeasured

Didn't go do EC yesterday or today. Bad Mark!

At work today, got a new dev station up. Our "howto's" *really* need to be wikified to keep them up to date. And it takes as long to check out a source tree as it takes to compile it. Interleaved that with getting pulled into a "please lend your expertise to this" ongoing saga. My "expertise" comes from my bad habit of overreading all the associated documentation on assorted taskings, and then being called upon to remember it all a year later. In this case, the Linux kernel software bridge stuff.

And then, Tuesday errands...
  1. Work sponsored flu shot. Well, "sponsored" in that they made the space available, they didn't pony up the twenty bucks. Another advantage of larger harder shoulders, shots like that no longer hurt. At all. Not even a pinch.
  2. Then, to WellsFargo to get some money to jezel.
  3. Went and voted, a few initiatives, some minor procedural amendments, some unopposed judges, a handful of folks for the Port, and some school board slots. According to the ballot box counter, I was number 322 at that station today, since 7am. Not exactly an "exciting" election. Anyway, my black hat, my sunglasses keeping off the late afternoon glare, and my long black duster fluttering in the wind, I really stood out while surrounded by herds of elementary school kids (the polling station was at the local elem school).
  4. Bought Birki a new flat of K/D canned minced prescription cat food. It's a good thing she considers the stuff a treat, instead of something to be endured. (I've tasted the stuff. It's not halfbad, tho fatty and needs some savory.)
  5. Picked up a new shredder at Staples. My old one ground out it's gears a few nights ago, after several years of use. This one's a bit bigger and stronger, it makes short work of all my junkmail.
  6. Weekly piano lesson. I missed last week due to work conflicts. And while I did do some practicing, not as much as I wanted to want to. Did good work with the first 5 minor scales tho, next week are Dflat, Gflat, and Cflat, which had better be easy. (I'll let those of you with musical training get that (weak) joke.)
  7. Home again, home again, jiggity jig.
  8. Pushed a load of laundry, while catching up on "Duck Dodgers".
  9. Paperwork. I have a huge pile of statements here, all sorted and ready to process, that I'm doing lots of "related stuff", just to put off. The silver lining to my procrastination, this avoidant behaviour is getting quite a bit of other little annoying paperwork tasks finally done.

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