Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 88 of 124. Chest & Biceps

Weight:214.5lb Fat:23% Heart:unmeasured

Today was supposed to be my first day at the new time, 11:30am instead of noon. But my trainer forgot. Oops.

  1. EC warmup.
  2. Inclined Crunch. 35, 35, 30. That's a hundred.
  3. Plank. 60 seconds.
  4. EC slow standby, until Steve arrived.
  5. Dumbbell Bench Press. Full 3x15, I forget the weight.
  6. cycled with Bench Leg Abs. 3 sets of 20, which impressed both him and me. I literally literally cannot sit up unassisted for a few minutes after doing a set of those.
  7. Hammer Frame Seated Press. 70lb, then 75lb, then 80lb. 15 reps of each.
  8. cycled with Ball Crunch. 33, 27, 21. The last 2 sets were to failure.
  9. Nautilus Machine Seated Fly. 15 reps, then up 5lb, failed at count 10, did 5 more "forced reps". Then down 5lb, failed at count 8, did 4 more forced reps.
  10. attempt Push Ups. Total failure, count zero. My chest was baked.
  11. Seated Inclined Bench Dumbbell Curls. 3x15 with a pair of 7.5lb.
  12. Hammer Frame Bicep Curls. 35lb. 15, then failed at 10, force rep the last 5, then the last set, failed at 4, forced 4 more.
A "forced rep" is a trick that depends on the fact that muscles are MUCH stronger in "negative motion" (getting longer under load) than they are in the positive motion (getting shorter under load). So what happens is when the weight "sticks", the trainer/spotter helps me push it into position, and then I by myself slowly let it back out again. It lets me wring out that much more effort and burn from a muscle that has otherwise gone kaput.

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