Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

snips of dreams

On and around some university campus, there was a glitch in something in an advanced physics experiment, and my sister got swapped for her "twin" from the timeline of L Neil Smith's "North American Confederacy". I needed to get her twin somewhere, but we kept getting separated on the buses.

One of the separations was caused when a car pushed a motorcycle into the bus we were on, I had to jump out to stop traffic, stop the onlookers from picking the rider up by the shoulders and dragging him, and to tell some onlooker to call 911, and to keep the rider awake until the ambulance showed up.

Washing all the sheets from all the guest beds at once in a crowded guest room of a ritzy house I and several other people were housesitting at. Cant remember why they needed washing, we hadn't slept in them yet. But they all needed to be washed cold delicate.

Exploring a house that had been old and rickety, but had been very nicely repaired and repainted. Exploring because there was a housewarming party going on, and the I and the girl I was with were looking for a private little place to make out. We finally found a bench by a pond in the garden in the back.

Trying to explain the difference between a CSC and a CSCI, and from there military/government systems and system tracking and purchasing to 3 voices on a loudspeaker, with two guys standing next to me, who were no help at all, while standing on a overlook looking down into a large empty cubical concrete tank of some sort. Eventually one of the guys I was with climbed down the stairwell into the tank, and then up the stairwell on the other side, and then his voice came over the loudspeaker in some harsh gobbelydygook, which the other guy noted down into a pad, and then tried to determine if it was Russian or not.

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