Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 87 of 124. Back, Shoulders, & Triceps

  • Weight: 216.0lb
  • Fat: 23%
  • Heart: 68bpm
Did the EC again this morning, at 5:45am. 813cal, 114bpm, 3.48miles.

Before the noontime workout, we sat down with the computer, and argued with it about my diet. I need to gather some numbers and do some logging, to make it happey. It thinks I'm not eating enough.
  1. Kneeling Bench Dumbbell Row. Same weight, got all 3x15. Better form.
  2. Cable Pulldown. Same weight, got all 3x15.
  3. Low Back Raise. 3x15. No problem.
  4. cycled with Upright Barbell Row. Did all 3x15. Shoulder was ok. Good, was afraid I had tweaked it again.
  5. Machine Shoulder Press. No weight change, but got all 3x15.
  6. cycled with Shoulder Pullover. Again, no weight change, but got all 3x15.
  7. Tricep Cable Pulldown. Up in weight, failed last set.

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