Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 86 of 124. Legs

  • Weight: 214.5lb
  • Fat: unmeasured
  • Heart: unmeasured

  1. Hack Squat. No change.
  2. Leg Press. Both legs this time, twice as much weight. Steve complained a bit that it was now somewhat annoying to load. Apparently someone dropped a 100lb plate on her foot, so now the heaviest plates available are 45ls.
  3. Machine Leg Extention. No change in weight for the first two sets, up another 5lb (to 110lb) for the last set, with one extra rep thrown in.
  4. Seated Calves. Deep and slow. The worst thing about calves is that the pain doesnt immediately stop when I put the weight down, it burns and peaks for a few seconds after.
  5. Machine Leg Curl. Did the first two sets, they felt ok, so I went up 5lb, and failed halfway thru that the last set. I was quivering while standing after that.
  6. Standing Calves. Big jump, to 300lb. 20, 20, 15. See above about the pain.
  7. Hip Abductors. No change, 100lb
  8. cycled with Hip Adductors. Also, no change, 100lb. I did this cycle with a nice looking female fellow patron. She could go wider than I, I coul go heavier than she.

Tweaked my supps a bit. I bought a couple of boxes of single serve OJ at the grocery store. This morning I took two of them, and put a heaping spoonful of creatine powder into each one. Drank the first 1/2 hour before gym, the second immediately after. I think it helped.

I finally bought a scale, so Steve will stop bugging me about it. Next time (Friday) we will sit down and argue with the computer about my food intake.

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