Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Somewhere that's green...

This morning, while walking out of my apt to my car, I noticed something that I had first noticed when I first came to Seattle, that had receded into imperceptibility because of it's very ubiquitousness.

I looked at the textured fakestone walls of my building. At it's covered with green growing stuff. Not completely covered, but every little bit I look at is studded with barely visible specks of green. The sidewalk, likewise. As are the wooden boards of the privacy fences.

The black asphalt of the parking lot, isn't black. It's also green. Look at it, see big green spots. Get down, and look at it closely, and every piece of gravel, where it sticks out of the tar, has a reef of barely visible green specks ringing it.

The asphalt under my Jeep, which has been parked without being moved for almost a month, is positively exploding with green fuzz. If I left it parked for a year, the asphalt will be destroyed. (Anyone who has one of those "Pavement is forever" protest bumperstickers isn't thinking very clearly.)

Every piece of dirt around here is covered with grass and moss and vine. Every piece of stone or concrete is studded with sagans of moss patches, sized at the bare limit of visibility.

I live in Oz.

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