Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 85 of 124. Chest & Biceps

  1. Hammer Frame Bench Press. I much prefer this over the classic straight bar, it's much easier to isolate my chest, and it doesn't tweak my shoulders. I did the first two full 15x sets (better than last time) at the same weight, 90lb, and then went up 10lb for the last. Triple digits! Yes!
  2. cycled with Ball Crunches. 35, 30, 25. I wanted a hundred total, but my body disagreed with me.
  3. Dumbbell Bench Press. 35lb per arm, same weight as last time. But, did the full 15x3, again, better than last time.
  4. Nautilus Seated Fly. I don't recall the weight, unchanged until the last set, then went up 10lb. Burn! But again, I finished it.
  5. Seated Inclined Dumbbell Bicep Curl. Did 15, then failed at 8, and then again at 10. I know intellectually that true muscles failures are not a "failure" on my part, but it's hard to feel otherwise.
  6. cycled with a new ab exercise, lay back on the bench, grab the edge of the bench above my head. Point my toes at the wall, straight legs. Pull my knees up to my chest. Point my toes at the ceiling, straight legs. Lift my tailbone off the bench. Torture. It really isolated a particular band of muscles in my abs, low down right at my waistline. Could only do 3x12.
  7. Nautilus Machine Bicep Curl. Lower weight. Did 15, 12, 10. But then rather than be done at 10, Steve helped me do each lift, and I struggled and shuddered and wept thru the controlled drops (muscles are a LOT stronger holding while lengthening then while contracting) five more times. When we were done with that, I couldn't even do an empty hand curl (pull my fist up toward my shoulder) for several minutes.

I think I'm going to tweak my diet/supps a bit, and instead of having my creatine during breakfast, I'll hold off a bit, and have it in a bottle of orange juice about an hour before gym time. Maybe that will help. I don't even want to think about the agony that today would have been without any at all.

Still, even with the muscle failures, I am improving. One little thing, I can now consciously contract my left bicep (what used to be called "dynamic tension" back in the old Charles Atlas nostrums days). I've always been able do it with my right, it's just been a weird little harmless lack. But it's slick that it's no longer... lacking.

Steve's on my case about getting my own scale. That was one of the many things was was "gonna do" this last weekend, that I didn't. I think maybe that I shall hit Fred Meyer this afternoon after work, and finally get that done.

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