Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A disturbing moment of a dream, just awakened from

I had returned from a trip, and got back to my apartment complex. (Which was not one that I had ever actually lived before, but awake, I feel that it's appeared in dreams before.) And my apartment was empty. Completely empty. I had been gone only a weekend, in midmonth, and the rent was paid.

I found and confronted the property manager.

"Where is my stuff? WHERE ARE MY CATS?!"

And he started getting shifty, and evasive, and speaking in the third person.

I was not furious. Yet. When my fury breaks, it is going to be burn him and the building away to nothing.

I'm glad it was only a dream. Especially with one my my cats right now crawling into my lap to trade purrs for security and warmth.

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