Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Saturday Is A Special Day...

So today I noticed in artvixn an entry that reminded the Gothique II goth runway fashion show was tonight at the Catwalk Club downtown.

Cool, something fun to go do.

So, I went.

It was fun. Several people that I recognized came as well, including ssatva and ivolucien. It was a fun crowd, lots of Pretty Things In Pretty Clothes, and even a few "mainstream" nightclubbers. The show itself was great. I liked julzerator's stuff best of all, and not just because she's the one I know.

While standing and watching the runway models, I noticed in myself that it seems to be Not Possible for me to stand and hold still with dancable music is loudly playing. Which is weird, this is something a bit new in me. I still dont have an acceptable sense of rhythm...

After walking back up to my car afterward, I was annoyed at myself to discover that, in my glee to have found a cheap three dollar parking lot so close to where I wanted to be, I had actually forgotten to pay the three frikking dollars, and so now have a twenty-five dollar parking ticket to pay. Stupid stupid stupid.

Went up to CapHill, had dinner at the Broadway Grill. Was weird, was FAST. When I eat at the Grill, I usually just walk in, grab a menu, and seat myself at the bar in front of the main chefs. So I did, and he had a spare moment, and I gave him my order directly (which I usually do). And then a few seconds later, the waiter was there, to give me my water and utensils. My chicken was off the rotisserie and onto a plate and in front of me less than 2 minutes later. After I was done eating, the waiter was again just happening to pass by.

Me being me, I had bolted my food (I was Hungry), and the waiter made a joke about he's been in and out of Jack-In-The-Box in less time.

Had had a fun conversation with my sister jatg on GAIM before I left. She loved her sculpture class and her new life drawing group, "Brother Bear" sux, "Kill Bill 1" rox, and good handwriting is important. (Our conversations go all over the map.)

I was going to get a whole pile of stuff Done today, and did precious little of it. Sigh.

Still, julzerator and artvixn, you guys do indeed rock. (I wonder what it takes to be a gothic runway model for her, I've been getting leaner and leaner with each passing month...)

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