Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 84 of 124. Back & Shoulders

  1. Something new. Close-grip Cable Pulldown. Started at 90lb, then did 100lb, and finally 110lb. Could only do 12 at that weight, did the last 3 at 100lb. Go me.
  2. Then the Kneeling Bench Dumbbell Row. No change in weight, 25lb. This is the most isolating back exercise I do, and it really hammers my back.
  3. Low Back Raise. No change in weight (a 25lb dumbbell held to my chest), but I went a lot slower. Which may be why I could only do 12 on the last set. I think my amazing 3 week growth spurt has ended.
  4. Tried to cycle with a couple of different shoulder exercises, like the Standing Dumbbell Jack or the Upright Barbell Row, but my right shoulder kept twinging. Dammit. So I'm going to rest out my shoulders for a week.
  5. Assisted Pull ups cycled with Dips. And I kept doing poorly, needing more and more weight assist each time. Crud.
  6. Triceps Skull Crushers. A very poor showing again, only able to do 8x3
  7. Finished with One Arm Triceps Cable Pulldowns at a piddling little weight, 20lb, but back and forth with no total rest. 10 on the left arm, 10 on the right arm, 10 on the left arm, 10 on the right, lather rise repeat, and repeat again.

My sister jatg ragged on me on GAIM a bit last night. Because my "gym" posts, while informative, don't talk about how I "feel" about this whole process. It's interesting, I'm not that good at turning "feelings" into words. And I took this whole thing up for reasons of vanity and for some prurient reasons. After collapsing in mortified agony in a lover's bed with my arms cramping and my sides stitching, before she and I were wanting to be finished, I didn't EVER want to have that happen again.... And those reasons collide head-on with my remaining "Mormon Guilt".

But hey, I'm right now stronger than I have ever been, at any time in my life! This is not to get back my "high school physique", tho I would like get back to the body-fat-index I had then. Which is an achievable goal.

And it's even starting to show thru my shirts, just a little bit. And I like that.

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