Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 83 of 124. Legs

  1. Hack Squat. No change, but did all 3x15 at the new weight.
  2. Single leg press. No change in weight, but did them a lot slower and with better form. (Going slow is an "easy" way to make it harder.)
  3. Cycled with stepups. After I made a flip comment about them being "relaxing" after the press, Steve took away the two 12s, and replaced them with a pair of 25s. So that's up 26lb. That was a bit more challenging.
  4. Seated calves. Up 15lb. I wasn't paying attention at the start of the 3rd set, and had only fitted one leg into the bar. Damn, that was HEAVY. I spent a few seconds burning out that one leg and starting to suspect that Steve had dropped another 100lb plate on the stack when I wasn't looking before I figured out what I had done. Opps. (And it was a burnout too. Ever after fixing it, I could only do reps.)
  5. Machine leg extention. No change in weight, but did all 3x15 at the new weight. And I forced out another 3 reps at the end. Time for even more next time.
  6. Machine leg curl. Ugh. Failed the last 2 reps of the last 2 sets. The backs of my thighs are not keeping up with the quads on the front.

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