Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My weekend, in brief

Worked a bit late Friday afternoon. Which meant it was dark when I went home. The problem with living here. The ocean mild climate makes me forget how far north I am, but the time of sunset reminds me. (Today, sunset was at 6:13pm PDT.)

Saturday, did some chores. I had an interesting, amusing, and insightful conversation with my younger sister wykurst. Got the key back from the petsitter. Tried to return my accidentally purchased hundred-dollar CD, but the store owner who has the authority to reverse the charge wasnt in.

Enjoyed the hospitality of omahas and elfs. I played with the girls, Kouryou-chan and Yamarashi-chan, mostly on the swings and rings. We the adults watched much PVR TV, "Queer Eye", "Teen Titans", "MI-5", and "Gatekeepers 21" (an almost incompresenably fractured anime) together. I got to enjoy dinner (salmon, yum) and, the next morning, breakfast at their table. Thanks again, guys.

I apparently have a pair of elfs's pants in my closet. It will be interesting to pick them out, as he and I wear exactly the same size.

I watched "Kill Bill, Part 1" this evening. Interesting. I know that I was missing a LOT of references to other movies, and to whole genres. I hope some fan writes an annotation book. I look forward to the second part. (It wont be a "sequel", this movie is just the first half of a four hour whole.)

Tomorrow there is an "all hands" work staff meeting at 10am. There was a layoff announcment this last Friday.

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