Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Last night was zzbottom's Birthday Party.

His primary, missdimple, called us yesterday afternoon after reading my last LJ entry, ending with "Who knows what pleasures the rest of the day will bring?", afraid that that meant that we were not coming.

We got our presents ready, walked over, and joined the party. Much fun was had, much gaming went on. Many people were there, probably most of them on LJ, but unknown to me.

Had a fun conversation with a magnificent tall woman with spiky blond hair with a pink accent (who's name has poured out of my swisscheese brain) about the history of clothing. She had a friend in Seattle (lj user="catling"), and I opened up my laptop, connected to the local wavelan, and started playing LiveJournal Connect between people we knew. (Why was I not terribly surprised that the chains to her went thru julzerator or ivolucien?)

Both Dr Tom (aka docorion) and Dr Lucas were there, being in town "officially" for a conference on Emergency Medicine. It was Very Good to see both of them again.

Judy and I ducked out for a short while to shoot Jacob (with a syringe of insulin ), and then came back to the party.

By around midnight it had just shrunk to the kitchen table, but even so, it took another hour before we all managed to decide "No Really, need to go home now", and everyone hugged g'bye, and headed out into the night.

This morning Judy was awakened by her official pager. Another Birth Sister had been attending a delivery all night, and needed to go to her other job. After a round of calls and another page, she dressed and left for the hospital.

I walked over to Jacob's place to give him his last insulin before his mommy gets home.

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