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Mark Atwood

At just after 10am, I started the process of attempting to purchase tickets to the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Bleah. The tickets didn't go on sale when they were promised, the website kept not working, and the customer support number was busy. Finally after several hours of effort, I got to the point where I could enter my creditcard. And the "please wait while your card is charged" screen hung for literally THREE HOURS. Finally, I got thru to their customer service (which was obviously outsourced non-US) who kicked me as quickly as possible to the Cinerama's direct line.

The manager at the Cinerama said that due to the website failure, they had opened the box office for direct sales early. So I gave omahas a call, went down to pick her up, and then fought my way thru 5pm city traffic to the theater. To learn from the manager that he had opened a direct phone line to sell tickets, which had quickly sold out. It was so very nice for him to not have told me that when I was ACTUALLY ON THE PHONE WITH HIM!

It was very disappointing, especially to Omaha, who is a big big LOTR fan.

We went out to eat at nice dinner together up in CapHill, and then back to her place.

elfs as a favor took me to the airport. I had been hoping to catch a redeye flight on standby, but learned when I got there "not a chance". Sigh. So Elf picked me back up again, and I spent the night on their guest futon.


elfs was nice enough to give me a ride to SeaTac on his way to work. The line through the security gates was no-fooling a quarter mile long. It went the length of the concourse, and back again.


Do we feel safer yet? We get a handful of 60's firebrand communistic utopian Useful Idiot thugs (who are still worshiped on posters and in picket songs by other Useful Idiots who really ought to know better) who hijack a couple of planes to Cuba, and we get the fucking rent-a-cops, metal detectors, and x-ray machines, who never would have been able to stop the events they were put in place as a reaction to. A dozen Allah-asslickers lusting for their promised 21 magical virgins takes over 4 jets with box cutters, and now we have to bend-and-spread for the TSA, who, again, would not have been able to prevent the events they were put in place as a reaction against. What's next? Wearing a hospital gown while sedated and handcuffed to a gurney on the plane?

Anyway, after navigating this farking huge line, I was "randomly selected" to get wanded. While the TSA guy was feeling my jeans rivets with the backs of his hands, and making me unbutton and turn out my waistband, I was making a mental list of the myriad ways to get a knife or gun past him and his funny little wand. Fool, Knaves, Idiots, Cretins, or Villains, every last one of them, from the whiteshirted oh-so-polite whiteshirted TSA drones all the way up thru every level of management and consultancy in the entire damn Homeland Defense.


Anyway, I accidentally left my signed copy of Quicksilver at the security gate. By the time I realized it, and called the L&F, they had "closed early". Crud. They did have an email address, which I have contacted. Let's see if I have any luck on my return.

The boarding in EWB was a botch. I walked all the way to the far end of the airport, only to discover that my flight had been moved, and I had to walk all the way BACK to the OPPOSITE far end. At the gate itself, the PA system was broken, and the gate agent's English was very heavily accented (some French African accent that I didn't recognize). Apparently also, the plane itself had been swapped, causing several seats to "go away", and resulting in almost a dozen doubled up seats. But it all got sorted out, and we managed to leave on time (and even arrive a bit early).

The flights themselves were completely uneventful. I slept most of the way to EWB, and then chatted on and off with my rowmates on the short hop to BOS.

I met Judy at the Airport Blue Line T Station, she was just coming from a postnatal visit with one of her clients (she works as a Birth Sister aka Doula).

On the way back to her place, we took a small detour. A friend of hers is out of town for several days, and she has a cat with diabetes who needs insulin twice a day. So I got to meet Jacob, a bit solid black sweet cat with an easy purr. Easy to inject too. Just pet him until he purrs, and then quickly slip the needle subcu between his shoulder-blades. The needle is so small and the quantity so minute, compared to doing 100cc LRS to Birki.

Anyway, finally we got to her condo, and had an enjoyable dinner and evening.


The next morning, Judy had to run errands, but she gave me careful directions on the dish to cook for the evening. She had already coined a large dish of fresh CSA organic carrots (surprisingly flavorful, compared to typical grocery carrots). (Note to self, sign up for a Seattle CSA next spring.) She and I left together, her to her errands, and me to the Harvest Co-op for ingredients.

It was fun, chopping, skinning, mixing, turning, roasting, etc. In the end, the whole apartment was filled with the mouth-watering aroma of roasted veggies (the organic onion and the fresh garlic giving it that extra punch).

This evening, we went together to her Contra Dance group. It's at the First Unitarian Church, in Jamaica Plain. (Unitarians confuse me a bit, tho. They don't really seem to "believe" in anything, as a doctrine. What's the point? Might as well just join the Rotary Club or something... Anyway.)

First was a potluck, the roasted carrots was well received and fully eaten, and the other food there was yummy and filling as well. It was a nice group of people. Under Judy's direction, we set up the sound system. The band (caller, pianist, bass, and fiddle), called "Spank Me", arrived around 7pm.

I sat out the first few dances, but finally joined in. It was much fun, even given my many mistakes. Surprisingly hard work for what it looked like. I understand why she comes back from these things soaked in sweat. We finished off with a couples waltz. We just noodled around the floor instead of actually "waltzing".

After putting away the sound system and cleaning the hall and locking up the building, several of us went out for ice cream at JP Licks. Yummy.

That night, just as we were drifting off to sleep (and the startlement undoing all my work at relaxing the knots and tightness in her upper back and neck), Judy realized that Jacob had not got his evening insulin. So we dressed for the outside, and walked the couple of blocks over to his place. He was noisy and hungry, but was a very good boy for his shot.

Sunday Morning

This morning, Judy went to her Meeting (she is a Friend, aka "Quaker"). I dozed back off for a short while, and then got up, walked back over to Jacob's, and gave him his shot.

It was misty last night, and is raining today. It feels like Seattle.

I did a few chores, mostly changing burned out light bulbs (something I can safely do, being tall, that Judy cannot, being not as tall), then put a Sarah Brightman CD on (lovely stuff, I may pick some of her stuff up), and settled down to get my USENET and LJ caught up.

For some reason, the "beeps" on my laptop have just started working again. I wonder if the humidity/weather/travelshock has rejoined some broken traces.

Judy has just returned, refreshed from Meeting, bearing this week's bag of produce from the CSA, and the rain dripping from her poncho. Who knows what pleasures the rest of the day will bring?
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jatg From: jatg Date: October 12th, 2003 11:37 am (UTC) (Link)

LOTR tickets

I'm assuming you were trying for the Tuesday marathon with the special editions of FOTR and TTT being shown before the midnight unveiling of ROTK? And you expected to be able to do this online without problems? Silly Jedi.
Nice sentiment, fat chance.
At Jordan Commons we had people camping out in line since Sunday evening to purchase tickets. They were limited to 6 tickets a piece (at $35.00 a pop,) and the thing sold out in under 9 minutes.
Many disappointed people I must say. I'm rather surprised we're not allowed to do an interlock and sell all 17 theaters out for the event.
Still though, to have seen it at the Cinerama with digital projection. Gasp and drool!
chemicallace From: chemicallace Date: October 13th, 2003 04:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
In response to your rant, I was the only person going through the security line at 10:00 PM at the Seattle airport last Saturday night and they insisted since I was not on the beginning leg of a round trip flight I was a security risk and everything I owned had to be checked and my body gone over with a wand. Although I've been told going on a one way flight makes you more likely to be pulled up for "random" checks I'm sure a few hundred dollars more for a round trip ticket wouldn't deter anyone who really was passionate about this sort of thing.

At one time three people were attending to me, two people going through my bags and one person using the wand on me and there was no question that even then I could have slipped a number of things through. There's no good way to go about any of this and even if we some how managed to scan everyone and do it all well, we still wouldn't be safe. It's got nothing to do with real safety and everything to do with people covering their ass in case something happens again.

I'm preaching to the choir again. At least we live in interesting if frustrating days, but sometimes that's little comfort.
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