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Mark Atwood
Gym. Session 79 of 124. Legs.
Wow. Big jumps again today. This "growth spurt" has lasted 3 weeks now. If I didn't know that I wasn't, I would be suspecting me of taking ABS's.

  1. Hack squat. Up another 20lb.
  2. Single leg press. Up 20lb. And the last set I did an extra 5 reps. And I could have done more, but my knees were starting to warn me to quit.
  3. Cycled with bench stepups. Up 24lb. (No longer unloaded, I am now holding a pair of 12s)
  4. Seated calves. No change.
  5. Cycled with lunges. No change.
  6. Machine leg extensions. Went up 5lb. And then up 5lb again. And added 3 reps to the last set.
  7. Machine leg curls. No change. Failed halfway thru the final set.
  8. Hip adductors. Up 5 lb, and 2 clicks wider.
  9. Cycled with hip abductors.
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