Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 78 of 124. Chest & Biceps

After the big gains last week, I've still got a few gains today, tho not as amazing.

  1. Hammer frame bench press. Up yet another 5lb per arm. I was running right at my limit. Slightly better at keeping it in the pecs and out of the shoulders.
  2. Inclined bench dumbbell press. Up yet another 5lb per arm. Couldn't do 3x15, but I did manage 12,10,9 (I "cheated" a lot on the very last one.)
  3. Seated machine fly. This was a slightly different machine, and was very easy at full extention, all the resistance was at the end of the squeeze. That's the opposite force profile of a reclining bench dumbbell fly. Anyway, what that means in practice was that it hit my "narrow chest" hard.
  4. Seated dumbbell bicep curl. Up 5lb per arm. Got 3x12 instead of 3x15.
  5. Cycled with bench "V" crunch. We tried to cycle with classical floor pushups, but my "wide chest" was already too baked. Also, I suspect I have a mental block on pushups. "Issues", etc.
  6. Hammer frame bicep curl. Up 5lb after the first set. It started out feeling "light", but the burn filled my arm rather quickly. I could actually see the pump form in the mirror, and see the seam between the two muscles (thus the "bi" in "bicep"). When I was done with those, it actually was tender merely straightening my arms.
  7. Ball Plank. I've already explained the Plank. This is the Next Level. I am balancing my feet (starting with the tops of the feet, eventually to be the toes) on a 1 meter exercize ball. Lots of balancing. Lots and lots of lower back.
  8. Finished off with cross crunches. My abs were too fried to do them "free" on the floor, so I did them on an ab bench, and managed 3x5.

My trainer loves his script to Provigil, it's turned into a huge productivity boost. He was able to party like a collage student on the weekend, AND still do his early morning appointments, AND get all his at-work paperwork done because of it. He is a little worried about when his free sample runs out, but figures that if it gives him more than ten bucks a day in advantage, it will still be worth it to pay for it out-of-pocket.

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