Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


So after getting home from work, I decompressed a bit by cleaning my house. In that respect, I indeed am my Mother's Son.

And speaking of which, then I called my mother to wish her Happy Birthday.

Then I spiffed up (new ink black silk shirt, silk tie, deep black slacks), and headed out to the Mercury. On the way, I called omahas to see if she wanted to go as well. She did, so I went down to their place, played with the girls a bit, and then she and I went out dancing.

Her outfits, and her dancing, were again, of course, dazzling.


I woke up the next morning on their guest futon.

The day was spent mostly playing around with Kouryou-chan, while her parents dealt with other stuff.

That evening, I finally got to see Spirited Away. Yamarashi-chan was deeply absorbed. It was a bit scary to Kouryou, but with comfort and encouragement from her parents, she sat thru the whole thing as well. I regret that I missed the theatrical release.


Had the initial visit with the cat-sitter today.

I think I may go see The Animation Show this evening.

And I've got a bunch of stuff stored on my ReplayTV from Bravo's "Animation Weekend" last weekend that I need to tape off and send to jatg.

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