Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

And she's on her way

So after a couple of days of helping her pack and such, yesterday morning I helped send jezel off on her temporary move to Heck Utah. As of sometime this afternoon, she was just about to pass thru Boise.

Pet Sitter

I've possibly found a pet-sitter for next weekend. The interview is Sunday afternoon. The sticky bit was finding one who was willing to do the sub-cu LRS for Birki. I have high hopes, this sitter is the one my vet uses for her cats when she's out of town.

A pill that makes you not-sleepy

My trainer had mentioned more than once that he had much trouble staying awake in the afternoon. I causually mentioned ProVigil to him. Well, it turns out he went to his doctor Wednesday, and was just handed a 14 day supply. No sleep study. So far he loves it. Yesterday after work, he went home and proceeded to clean this house. It's utterly unlike caffine or speed, there are no jitters or such.

Still, I'm a little concerned that doctors are handing this stuff out without a sleepstudy, just on claims of chronic sleepyness. Eventually some damn fool is going to take one twice a day for an extended period, and after he starts seeing gremlins in the corners, will suffer a sleep-defect psychotic break.

Plus, these things are TEN BUCKS A PILL, and insurance wont cover it if you dont have a valid diagnosis for narcolepsy. Still, how many Seattlites pay ten bucks a day for their morning and afternoon high-end coffee addiction.

I gotta confess too, I'm really tempted myself.
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