Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 77 of 124. Back and Triceps.

  1. Kneeling bench dumbbell row. Up 5lb. This is still in "beginner" phase, only the 2nd week I've done it. And now it's been moved to first slot. But still, it felt good to go up, and it really isolates.
  2. Hammer frame iso high rows. Up 10lb per arm. 20lb total.
  3. Low back lift. Up 5lb. This is a big deal. Low back is something unwise to "push". But after two full sets of almost zero burn, it was time.
  4. Cycled with upright barbell rows. Up 5 lb. Yay, my shoulders are improving.
  5. Seated shoulder dumbbell press. It's really fun to watch this one in the mirror. My trainer told me I should start wearing a tanktop, so as to watch my shoulders better. I need to go heavier, but a 5lb jump is too much, so I did an extra 5 on the last set. When I can do 3 sets of 20, then I will move up.
  6. Something new. Seated ball back cables. I stand between the two machine racks, and grab the two matched cables, so each pull lifts TWO stacks, one for each arm. The weight is trying to pull my arms out. Then I sit and balance on a ball. And then use my back (NOT my arms) to pull my elbows down to my waist while keeping my elbow relaxed. I could feel every single muscle in my upper back and sides grinding on this one.
  7. Tricep rope pulldowns. We accidentally set the stack 10lb too high. I was able to do 15 with effort, and then 12 before burning out. Dropped the stack down, did another 12, and was totally burned out. Tricep work is hard. But they are the reason why, even tho my arm circumference is unchanged, the typical "under the arm" flab is almost gone.
  8. Dips. Lots of shaking in my tris and back.
  9. We were out of time, but he stuck around while I banged out one set of pullups.

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