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Gym. Session 75 of 124. Chest and Biceps.

An amazing day.

  1. Hammer machine bench press. Did a full 3x15 with 10lb more than I could do only 12 of last time.
  2. Inclined bench dumbbell press. Went up 5lb per hand, AND banged out an extra 5.
  3. Cycled with deep ball crunch. Did 20, then 25, then 30. "Felt the burn."
  4. Nautilus machine seated fly. Went up 5lb from my previous max, then 5lb again. And did an extra 5 reps.
  5. Cycled with floor cross-crunches. The 3rd set, I couldn't even start. I had burned out my abs on the ball.
  6. Standing barbell bicep curl. Went up 5lb, and did an extra 5 reps.
  7. Nautilus machine bicep curl. Again, went up 5lb, and did an extra 3 reps.
  8. Cycled with the Plank. Added another 5 breaths the last 2 sets. I was shaking like a paintmixer, but I was able to stay up.

I wish I knew what was happening in my body, so I could repeat this performance, and repeat these gains.

I feel good.

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