Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Sunday morning, after saying g'bye to to Kouryou-chan and to omahas, I went home, watered the cat and showered off the hottub residue from last night. (I've heard of newer hottub kits that use ozone, and so just consume electricity instead of halogens salts. I think that when I get one of my own, that will be the method I use.)

Then I headed into Seattle to help jezel move. This is 3rd time I've helped her move since we separated. Her friend Denise was there to supervise (having hurt her knee and back, and so unable to lift), and later her friend Bridget came as well. I was a little bit pissy, as I was just expecting to move boxes and piles, but she was rather behind in what needed to be done. So instead I loaded the kitchen into boxes, and then later I helped break down the bedframe.

At the end of the evening, we discovered our old wedding video. Yerg. That was painful and groaningly funny to watch. I walk and move and stand a lot more smoothly and well then I did then.

After returning home, I was treated to watching Yosemite Sam as a Klingon ridged-head violent alien warrior barbarian. Duck Dodgers is really moving up my "must see teevee" list.

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